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How Do I Save The Whole Facebook Conversation With Someone? ?

You could be chatting with a friend, and because of the importance of the conversation, want to save it. In some cases, you may only need to keep part of the chat and in others the whole thing. Whatever your needs are, you’ll be happy to know there are methods to either save parts of or the entire conversation.

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You don’t have to be a tech genius to be able to do this. With the following methods, you’ll be able to download your Facebook chat history and quickly save all the conversations you want.

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Download Facebook Data to Save Your Conversations

If what you’re looking for is to download absolutely everything from your conversations, including photos, then this is the method for you. By downloading the Facebook data, you’ll download things such as friends lists, Facebook data, posts, messages, pictures, etc.

It’s easier to do this via desktop.

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Alternatively, use your mobile device’s browser and log in to Facebook via the Facebook website. Then, tap your browser’s menu icon and choose “Desktop view.” This allows you to view the desktop version of Facebook, including all the relevant options used below, on a mobile device.

Log in to your Facebook account and open the menu at the far top right. Select “Settings & Privacy.”


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